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2017 Season Now Available for download!
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                    All The Better to Kill You With                                                           2017 SEASON Tickets! Save 7 - 25%



Save with Season Tickets to The Station Dinner Theatre!


Good for 2017 ONLY! No returns on paid tickets!


Note on Season Tickets: A "Pick Two" is valid for one ticket to 2 different shows.

They may not be doubled up, or used for multiple people.


Season tickets do not apply to Christmas Memories,

although a seperate discount is given to Season Ticket Holders.



1. Choice Seating or Choose Later

2. Save from 7-25%

3. No Fee Ticket Exchange Privileges.

4.Ticket Discount on "Christmas Memories"


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2017 Dinner Theatre Season Ticket Prices

 (Saturday, Sunday, & Weekday Matinees * Excludes "Christmas Memories")

Ticket Price includes: Show, Full Three Course Meal, Coffee, Tea, and Sales Tax.

Soft Drinks, Alcoholic Beverages, and Gratuity are extra.


                             Adult           Student/Senior (65+)   

Pick 2 shows      Save 7%                          $  73                    $  61                  

Pick 3 shows      Save 9%                          $106                    $  90                  

Pick 4 shows      Save 14%                        $134                    $114                  

Pick 5 shows      Save 17%                        $162                    $137                  

Pick 6 shows      Save 19%                        $190                    $160                  

Pick 7 shows      Save 24%                        $202                    $176                  

Pick 8 shows      Save 25%                        $234                    $198                  


*Christmas show for Season Ticket Holders:

Adult $36, Student/Senior (65+)  $33  Child $26 


February 3rd - Feb 25th

"All the Better to Kill You With"
A Murder- Comedy

This classic whodunit has an exciting twist where the audience not only sees “whodunit”, but how the whole thing is planned and carried out. 


The clever interweaving of truth and falsehood that produces a tapestry of tension and thrills while meticulously blending mystery and humor.


The question is will the murderer be found out. The result is high tension and good dramatic excitement along with brilliant comic relief.

 "Meticulous blending of mystery and humor."    

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February 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 28, 24, 25

Fridays at 7 PM Saturdays at 5:30 PM 


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