Dear Patrons,


The Station Dinner Theatre Staff has gone to great extent to make sure our building has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Your safety, as well as the safety of our staff and performers, is of utmost importance to us.


For public safety reasons, the following guidelines must be followed:


  • Masks must be worn while in common areas of the building. This includes the lobby, bar, and en-route to the restrooms. Masks may be removed while sitting at your table, during the serving portions, or while eating. Masks must be worn during the performance, as our performers will be unmasked


  • Temperatures will be scanned for all patrons upon entering the building. If a customer, registers a temperature of 100.4 or more, they will not be admitted to the theatre. Your tickets will be honored for another performance.


  • Table size will be limited to 6 people per table, unless all are from the same group/ household.


  • Gloves will be provided upon request for those customers who want to use them.


  • Hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soap has been placed on the lobby and restrooms. Please use them to maintain your safety.


  • All performers and staff of The Station Dinner Theatre have been vaccinated.They will be masked throughout the serving portions of the event. They will not be wearing masks while performing.


Although it is rare, vaccinated people can catch a variant, and if that happens to one of our staff, we will have to shut down again. These measures are in place to protect our performers, staff, and our audiences.



These guidelines will be loosened or tightened as the pandemic situation changes.


Thank you for your cooperation.

The Management